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  • Visit the Castle and click on the dice to go to the Game Room. Sample a game and review the game settings which are uniquely designed so kids can successfully play any game with just the keys they have learned, or adjust the settings to make a game more challenging.
  • Evaluate all of the Administrator tools in the Management Center. See how easy it is to track results and activities for each class and student.
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About TypingInstructorWeb for Kids

TypingInstructorWeb for Kids is an innovative web-based program to teach kids to learn to type online. Kids begin their adventure on Typer Island, where they learn all keyboard basics following an age-appropriate Typing Plan. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to type their way around the Island and reach the Castle—and become Touch-Typists! The plan curriculum follows the keyboarding standards outlined
by the National Education Technology Standards (NETS).

Kids begin their typing adventure on Typer Island — full of fun, surprises, and rewards!

Select a Typing Plan from 11 unique Plans designed for specific ages and skill levels.

Toby and his sidekick, Lafitte, guide kids through the Island. Kids can visit the Map Room to check their progress.

Practice typing in the Story Lagoon. Select stories from Fairy Tales or Classic Literature.

Typer Island is filled with exciting adventures to keep kids interested while learning to type! Kids visit all five lands of the island where they encounter typing lessons, tests, challenges and games. Once they reach the Castle, they can choose additional activities and games!

11 Typing Plans Designed for Kids

TypingInstructorWeb for Kids has all the tools kids need to learn proficient keyboarding, including 11 unique and complete Typing Plans, designed for ages 6 to 12.

• Suggested Typing Plan
• Learning the Home Row Plan
• Home Row and Upper Row Plan
• Home Row and Lower Row Plan
• Suggest Typing Plan (no games)
• Ages 7 to 8 Plan
• Ages 9 to 10 Plan
• Skill Building Plan
• Games Plan
• Numeric Keypad Plan
• Numeric Keypad Numbers Only

Instant Results for Lessons, Tests & Games!

Kids learn all of the letters on the keyboard by visiting the five lands of Typer Island and following their selected Typing Plan. They can check their results at any time, review their progress and change their settings.

Creative Activities Make Learning to Type Fun

A variety of extra activities make it fun for kids to improve their skills, including practice lessons, practice challenges, exciting typing games, and typing stories.

Challenging Typing Games – Motivating Rewards!

Exciting typing games challenge kids to pass the first level and advance to the next – and post the high score for the classroom or school! Kids have so much fun practicing in the arcade they forget they are improving their skills! All games are designed to teach specific skills such as finger-to-key striking, rhythm, speed, accuracy, and more.

Management Center Features

Exciting Typing Games

Games are designed with multiple levels to challenge kids to keep building their typing skills, such as rhythm, speed, and accuracy.

Play Ziggy! Change the color of each pyramid by typing each word correctly before an enemy catches Ziggy.

Motivating Rewards

Kids are motivated to keep typing and collect all of the jewels and coins for their treasure box, as they complete typing tests and challenges successfully.

Kids collect treasures every step of the way as they type their way around Typer Island.
*Quotes and awards may refer to previous Typing Instructor programs. This version of TypingInstructorWeb for Kids was created using the same methods and technologies.
**Typing Instructor for Kids was the #1 best-selling typing program specifically designed for kids. — Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service dollar sales (2006 – July 2011).
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  1. Online learning 24/7/365 from any location
  2. No software to install or maintain
  3. Proven educational typing techniques
  4. Follows the national keyboarding standards
  5. Easy for instructors to manage kids & classes
  6. Eleven complete & unique Typing Plans
  7. Engaging practice materials
  8. Entertaining Explorer's Isle
  9. Measurement tools & reports for instructors

Gold Award – Best Typing for Kids
Gold Award – Best Typing Games for Kids Software

#1 Best-Selling Kid’s Typing Software

Preferred by Teachers!
Typing Instructor for Kids is the preferred typing program for teachers and school districts across the U.S. and Canada.†

My students can’t wait to get to the typing lab and practice keyboarding. Your program makes learning to type so much fun—and their parents are thrilled. They know how important it is for their kids to learn touch-typing at an early age.
— Bethany Wang, Oliveira Elementary School, Fremont, California
Our old typing program was boring and the kids were unmotivated. Now they can’t wait to get to Typer Island! We have seen a dramatic improvement in the touch-typing skills of our students. Typing Instructor for Kids is fantastic!
— Susan Siegel, Librarian/Director, Computer Lab, Conway, Massachusetts
Keyboarding is one of the most useful skills we teach our students, it can be boring and dry. When I saw Typing Instructor, it stood out from all of the other programs. I immediately loved its great appeal and fun factor.
— Sherry Deutsch, Teacher & Technology Director, South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District, Lyndhurst, Ohio

†Based on the award-winning desktop version.